When I was younger, if someone had asked me to predict the path my life would take, I would have described something much different from the life I have actually lived.

Back then, I could not have envisioned what was in store for me.  Life has taken me to places of great happiness, as well as great darkness.  And sometimes, when I found myself in a challenging place, counselors were able to help me see past the darkness and guide me toward hope.

At this stage of my life, I can look back and say that all of those ups and downs were about the development of my spirit.  I see my life’s path as a wonderful journey of spiritual growth.

The gratitude I felt toward my counselors led me to choose counseling as a profession.  I believe my education and my spiritual growth work together to help me shine a light on the paths of others, enabling them to lead more joyous, peaceful lives.

If you find yourself in a place of confusion or struggle, I invite you to contact me.  By providing a safe environment to explore challenges and answer questions, I can help you understand how to take the crisis out of your situation.  Together, we will discuss and reframe your situation so you can discover a new perspective, and find your way back to spiritual peace and joy.

Let me help you open the Door to Self-Discovery.